Weight loss - gut health, insulin resistance

What are people talking about?

"There are 3 simple secrets to weight loss!!! If you follow these 3 secrets you will magically be able to eat donuts again and not gain weight."

After you watch the 3 hours of videos to learn the 3 simple secrets, you suddenly realize those 3 simple secrets aren't simple at all.

"Eat healthy and exercise every day, burn more calories than you consume, and then POOF you will be skinny too!"

Do you know how many people message us in a week to tell us they exercise and eat healthy but still can't lose that last 20 to 50 pounds? A lot. If you follow a very strict diet, exercise daily, and fixate on your weight you too may be able to be skinny. I'm not sure this is balanced, but it may work.

To be honest, I could have had about 12 "Things You Don't Know", but I couldn't add more slides.

Did you know bad food is addictive? Yep. Spikes the crap out of dopamine and serotonin. Bad food is a bad relationship issue. Telling someone to "just stop eating junk food" may be like telling a drug addict to "just stop using."

Did you know breaking insulin resistance and leptin resistance is tough to do? The more weight you gain, the more insulin resistance you have. The more insulin resistance you have, the more weight you gain. And imagine your brain not signaling to you to stop eating. Imagine still feeling hungry when you shouldn't be.

Having spent years studying what causes weight gain, I have been stunned by the sheer volume of factors that contribute to weight gain.

We are very actively developing a full response to stubborn weight issues to compliment whatever diet and exercise program you desire. We won't release the protocol until we prove it works. We hope to have it out this year. This is a major focus for us.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram.

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