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Boost Kit - Targeted Prebiotic and Ultimate Probiotic

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Ready for an overall change in your gut health and body? Silver Fern Brand’s Boost Kit provides an incredible place to start with our Targeted Prebiotic and Ultimate Probiotic. Together, these two products become one of the strongest combinations for helping to restore your gut and helping you to feel and look your best!*


Silver Fern™ Brand’s Boost Kit combines the potent targeted bacteria fuel of Targeted Prebiotic with the transformative broad-spectrum probiotic blend of Ultimate Probiotic.* These two products together can help provide rapid reshaping of your gut and body through aggressively reshaping your bacteria composition.* Help promote a faster metabolism and fat-burning as well as promote a stronger gut barrier.* Simply put, Boost Kit aids in entire overall health!*


  • Help reshape your gut microbial composition*
  • Help reshape your body*
  • Support the most beneficial bacteria*
  • Support production of critical short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)*
  • Help boost any healthy eating lifestyle or exercise program’s outcomes*



Silver Fern™ Brand wants to help you transform, recondition, and reshape your gut by addressing bacteria imbalances and weak gut barriers.* Bacteria imbalances and a weak gut barrier are linked to a wide range of problems, and issues* and by reversing them there can be HUGE noticeable health benefits.* Silver Fern Brand’s Boost Kit combines two incredible products to help accomplish these goals:

  • Help increase beneficial bacteria to balance gut microbiome and help correct bacteria imbalances in the gut.*
  • Help strengthen the gut barrier and promote better gut barrier function.*
  • Helps increase microbial diversity.*
  • Promote critical bacteria and restore beneficial bacteria by replacing bad bacteria with the best bacteria!*
  • Supports healthy weight management by helping boost Akkermansia muciniphila (A. mucin)*

    Both PreticX® and ApplePhenon® (ingredients in Targeted Prebiotic) can help significantly increase levels of A. mucin.*

    Upper GI Relief - Supplement Facts

    What's Included in the Kit

    Targeted Probiotic (1 BOTTLE)

    Targeted Prebiotic is a powerful resource to help transform the gut bacteria composition, help create a lean body, and help restore the metabolism:*

    • Promotes a robust gut microbiome*
    • Promotes a stronger gut barrier*
    • Promotes a responsive metabolism*


    Ultimate Probiotic (1 BOTTLE)

    Ultimate Probiotic plays a key role in promoting a better weight management program because it helps strengthen the gut barrier and helps establish a beneficial bacteria composition.* A weak gut barrrier may trigger weight gain and diabetes.* The strains found in Ultimate Probiotic can promote the necessary bacteria composition for helping the metabolism.* Ultimate Probiotic can also help reduce gut dysbiosis and improve the gut barrier function.* [Note: Ultimate Probiotic’s B. coagulans can also help the body increase absorption of protein as well as promote better digestive capacity for helping resolve food intolerances.*]



    We suggest taking the normal dose of Ultimate Probiotic and Targeted Prebiotic for the first 30 days and then taking one or two additional capsules of Targeted Prebiotic for about 12 weeks. TAKE TARGETED PREBIOTIC AND ULTIMATE PROBIOTIC TOGETHER! They work best together!

    Lifestyle changes to consider making when following this program:

    1. Intermittent fasting 5 days a week (14-16 hours per day of fasting and only drinking water during that time) Fasting periods allow for beneficial bacteria to thrive.*
    2. Eliminating artificial sweeteners and flavoring. Artificial sweeteners and flavors can cause gut dysbiosis, glucose intolerance, and metabolic dysfunction.*
    3. Significantly reduce or eliminate processed foods and fast foods. A poor diet can cause serious dysbiosis that causes problems with weight loss.*
    4. Follow an exercise program of your choosing.
    5. Reduce intake of intensely sweetened drinks and drink powders.


    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.