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You may NOT know this:
Many prebiotic fiber boosts the bad stuff just as much as the good stuff. It is no respecter of bacteria type.

Many of the most beneficial bacteria are NOT available in probiotics. And if they do exist, they don't survive the harsh environment of the stomach wall.

Targeted Prebiotic is a precision prebiotic. With it, we can target the key beneficial bacteria types not typically available in probiotics while not boosting the bad stuff.* These specific bacteria types help issues like hay fever and skin issues. They are also able to help push the bad stuff away.*

Targeted Prebiotic is also key to our gut metabolic plan.

Targeted Prebiotic contains XOS, citrus bioflavonoids, and apple extract prebiotics. This reaches outside the traditional source of prebiotics in concentrations to make beneficial microbe changes in the gut.

If you have questions or would like more information on Targeted Prebiotic, DM us #Targeted Prebiotic on Instagram.

If you'd like our full gut health buildup protocol, DM us #Buildup. With this, we go well beyond traditional probiotic improvements to gut health.

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