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Elevated Plan Starter Kits

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Kai Meal Shakes Promotion

These easy quick start kits give you a fast, easy way to get you going on the Silver Fern™ ELEVATED probiotic weight loss plan. Choose from 3 different quick start kits and start transforming your gut, your metabolism and your weight today.


The Silver Fern™ ELEVATED Probiotic Weight Loss Plan can be either your choice of diet, or it can act and an enhancement that you can use with another diet you are already on. The central pillar of ELEVATED is restoring your beneficial intestinal bacteria to its proper, healthy balance through a combination of taking the right probiotic supplements, increasing your dietary fiber to feed your new probiotics. Along with a few other steps, you can restore your intestinal biome and enjoy a boosted metabolism, easier weight loss and many other benefits.

Option 1 - Basic Starter Kit

  • Wai Probiotic Drink Mix – 6 Flavor Assortment – These drink mixes have no added sugar, are high in fiber and include the most powerful, pharmaceutical grade fat burning probiotics (Bacillus coagulans & Bacillus subtilis). The probiotics begin to colonize your gut and the fiber is what they love to eat. Drink one to two drink mixes per day with meals.
  • Free Hard Copy of Silver Fern™ Elevated Magazine 

Option 2 – Deluxe Starter Kit

  • Wai Probiotic Drink Mix – 6 Flavor Assortment – (See details in Option 1)
  • Bottle of Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic – 1 Bottle - a 30-day supply of the full spectrum of the most beneficial probiotics. (Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus clausii, Saccharomyces boulardii & Pediococcus acidilactici). Take two capsules a day with meals
  • Free Hard Copy of Silver Fern™ Elevated Magazine 

Option 3 – Premium Starter Kit

  • Wai Probiotic Drink Mix – 6 Flavor Assortment – (See details in Option 1)
  • Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic – 1 Bottle – (See details in Option 2)
  • Tino™ Fiber Supplement – 1 Canister – Your probiotics need plenty of fiber to thrive. Tino is a water soluble fiber supplement that has a very mild taste. Add to smoothies, coffee, juice, cereal and most recipes to boost the dietary fiber without affecting taste.
  • Kakato™ Natural Fiber Sweetener – 1 Canister – The bad bacteria in your gut that lead to weight gain love sugar and can even make you crave it. Reducing sugar and refined carbs is key in bringing your gut bacteria back in to balance. Kakato is a natural non-sugar sweetener that is high in fiber. It looks and tastes just like sugar. It’s the perfect way to cut back on sugar and increase your fiber intake without sacrificing taste.
  • Kai Meal Replacement Shake – 1 Two Lb. Can – Kai shakes are high in fiber, and are sweetened with Kakato. They are the perfect meal replacement that is perfectly in keeping with the ELEVATED plan (no sugar to starve your bad bacteria and high fiber to feed the good bacteria).
  • Free Hard Copy of Silver Fern™ Elevated Magazine

Silver Fern™ Brand products all work together to make the ELEVATED plan easy and convenient to follow.





Kakato™ sweetener sweetens your smoothies, adds fiber and has half the calories of sugar.



Kakato™ natural sweetener is one of the few sugar substitutes that can be used in making treats, breads, or confections.


Baked Goods

Kakato™ sweetener behaves just like sugar. Use in baking cookies, cakes, candies and more.



Use Kakato™ sweetener just like sugar to sweeten your coffee, tea, and other drinks


How is Kakato™ sweetener different then other sweeteners?

It provides health benefits. Gone are the days of sweeteners just offering flavor.

How is Kakato™ sweetener different than other sugar substitutes?

Aside from being a natural, non-genetically engineered fiber sweetener with multiple health benefits, Kakato™ natural sweetener can be used similar to sugar for baking. Kakato™ sweetener is similar to sugar in that it bulks and browns like sugar. Kakato™ sweetener also provides nutritional value.

How can Kakato™ sweetener be used?

Wherever one might use sugar. No sugar substitute is exactly like sugar. But with a little use and experimentation, you’ll find that Kakato™ sweetener can be used everywhere you would normally use sugar.

What does Kakato™ sweetener taste like?

Kakato™ natural fiber sweetener is a little bit sweeter than sugar. It has a pleasant not long lasting aftertaste but with a pleasant mouth feel. Its texture for the mouth is somewhere between the feel of powder and crystal sugar.