Benefits of licorice flavanoids - gut health, reflux, constipation

If you like DGL products, you will love Upper GI Relief. We went way beyond adding standard licorice with Upper GI Relief.

Reasons we ♥️ Upper GI Relief:

(1) Nausea and motility issues: Our Motility product is very strong. For some of us that don't have bad constipation issues, Upper GI Relief is a better option for constipation than Motility. Motility can be a bit too strong.
(2) H. pylori concerns
(3) Helps with ulcers, reflux, etc. type issues
(4) Pairing Upper GI Relief with Reflux + Motility is amazing for reflux, heartburn, constipation, and stomach issues
(5) Helps increase mucus production to help protect the stomach and esophagus from acid

Here is how our family issues it:
(1) We use it when we are sick with stomach flu to help calm nausea
(2) We take it before flights and when we travel to avoid nausea from motion sickness discomfort
(3) We use it when we travel to help with constipation issues and digestion

Here are the top reasons most of our customers love it:
(1) Many people use it to help reduce H. pylori overgrowth in the stomach
(2) Many of our customers want faster help with constipation and reflux issues. They will combine about 4 capsules or more of Upper GI Relief daily with the Reflux + Motility kit, Motility, or Slow Motility+ protocol (Step 1). The combination of Motility, Reflux, and Upper GI Relief is an extremely strong combination of products for stubborn constipation and reflux issues. This is a very popular combination.

Please reach out to us with questions or requests on Instagram.

DM us #Reflux+Motility protocol if you want the kit combo to pair with Upper GI Relief for our strongest combination of products for reflux and constipation, reflux, and heartburn issues.

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