Sensitive Gut Fiber - gut health, fiber, FODMAP

Did you know there are key bacteria to promote weight loss?
They are:
✅️F. Prausnitzii

Did you know that certain prebiotics can help decrease stomach pH (help the stomach be more acidic)?

Because Sensitive Gut Fiber is low-FODMAP it is both ideal for those with IBS and SIBO as well as everyone else. It allows us to help restore the microbiome of the colon without causing issues in the small intestine. It allows us to help restore the microbiome without the need for probiotics. Sensitive Gut Fiber allows us to help with both constipation and diarrhea issues.*

In many instances, prebiotics and probiotics can be tough to take early on in a gut health protocol. Sensitive Gut Fiber allows us to help without all the discomfort.*

What do we use Sensitive Gut Fiber for? Everything! From step 1 (slow motility/constipation issues) to step 3 (building up the metabolism). I put it in my children's morning breakfast and my wife and I take it daily.

With over 50 clinical research studies promoting the two ingredients in Sensitive Gut Fiber, I'm not sure how to find a prebiotic blend more scientifically proven.

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