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How is Kakato™ sweetener different then other Artificial or natural sweeteners?

It provides health benefits. Gone are the days of sweeteners just offering flavor.

How is Kakato™ sweetener different than other sugar substitutes?

Aside from being a natural, not bioengineered fiber sweetener with multiple health benefits, Kakato™ sweetener can be used similar to sugar for baking. Kakato™ natural sweetener is similar to sugar in that it bulks and browns like sugar. Kakato™ sweetener also provides nutritional value.

How can Kakato™ natural sweetener be used?

Wherever one might use sugar. No sugar substitute is exactly like sugar. But with a little use and experimentation, you’ll find that Kakato™ sweetener can be used everywhere you would normally use sugar.

What does Kakato™ natural sweetener taste like?

Kakato™ fiber sweetener is a little bit sweeter than sugar. It has a pleasant not long lasting aftertaste but with a pleasant mouth feel. Its texture for the mouth is somewhere between the feel of powder and crystal sugar.

How is Tino™ fiber different then other fiber products?

With Tino™ fiber you get much more than a fiber product. You get a plethora of health benefits that goes far beyond maintaining regularity and digestive health.

What makes Tino™ prebiotic fiber special?

As with all Silver Fern™ Brand products, Tino™ fiber was formulated to be much more than a simple “re-do” product. In an natural way, Tino™ prebiotic fiber addresses (in addition to digestive health) bone health, joint health, and immune health

Why do you offer additional benefits with your Tino™ fiber product?

Our research suggests that the same customers buying fiber supplements are also buying commonly known supplements for bone health, joint health, and immune health. We wanted to add something in addition to fiber to go beyond our customers’ expectations.

How do you suggest one take Tino™ fiber?

Tino™ fiber is water soluble and can be added to just about everything. Whether you want to take it in a glass of water or add it to your morning coffee, tea, or oatmeal it is a great addition to your supplement plan.

How does Kai differ from other meal replacement shakes?

Aside from the high protein absorption rates, Kai was formulated to provide a satisfying, balanced meal complete with large per serving amounts of protein, fiber, and 55 not bioengineered superfoods. Kai uses only natural ingredients that aid in hunger control, supported by a digestive-friendly prebiotic fiber that causes no bloating or discomfort.

How and when should I use Kai?

Because Kai tastes delicious, it is the perfect snack at any point in the day! Kai blends easily with fruits and vegetables to make a fantastic smoothie or can be taken directly with milk or water. Depending on your personal dietary needs, Kai can be taken in full or half serving sizes. Kai is great right after a workout, and we also love taking Kai prior to dinner to curb our appetites and help us not to overeat!

Where was the protein absorption testing done?

Kai, along with several competitor meal replacement/protein powder products, were all tested by both a private and university lab. These tests were engaged and paid for by Silver Fern™ Brand, LLC.

Why do you not mention the national brands you had tested?

Silver Fern™ Brand tested products for comparison purposes only to see the effectiveness of our product compared to the leading competition. Tests were not conducted for the purpose of harming other companies, products, or brand names.

Why did you have protein absorption tested?

One of the primary reasons people purchase and consume meal replacement shakes and protein powders is for the protein benefits. By way of lab tests, Silver Fern™ Brand  wanted to demonstrate the superior protein absorption rates in our meal replacement powder vs. comparable products in the industry.

What labs performed the tests?

Silver Fern™ Brand, LLC is happy to disclose lab details upon the execution of non-disclosure and non-compete documents. The method and contacts for how Silver Fern™ Brand was able to increase protein absorption rates in Kai is a proprietary trade secret of Silver Fern™ Brand. Silver Fern™ Brand will not release data details that could possibly harm other companies, except under strict non-disclosure.

Why does Silver Fern™ Brand not use the term "non-GMO"?

The FDA has published guidance regarding statements about GMO status (November 2015). The guidance is not mandatory, but the FDA does not believe that labels should contain language including "Non-GMO" and have stated they find this misleading to consumers. The FDA has provided the following options: 
·Not bioengineered
·Not genetically engineered
·Not genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology
·We do not use ingredients that were produced using modern biotechnology

What is your Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact customer service at (888) 525-9605 to facilitate a return. To see the full details of the SilverFernBrand.com return policy, click here.