Leptin Resistance - gut health, weightloss

"Stop eating so much!"
"Aren't you full yet?"
"Burn more calories than you consume. That's the 'secret.'"
"You need self-control."

These kind of statements don't help. Forgive my direct approach, but if you have leptin resistance these statements aren't addressing the full problem. They are not helpful. People with leptin resistance wish they could control their eating. They would love to control their eating. But the drive to eat is real and insatiable.

Have you ever met someone with bad leptin resistance? I have. I think I was one of these people. And I am working with several people on this issue right now. They want to stop eating. They actually are trying to stop eating so much. But even when they are eating super clean, food is constantly on their minds. Constantly. They don't know why. They know if they cheat even a little, all hell breaks loose. There is no middle ground for these people. They are either eating everything or they are feeling like they are starving. Yes, these people can learn self-control but that does not take away the fight raging beneath the surface.

Yes, eating healthy, restoring gut health, loading up on fiber and protein, getting more sleep, and managing stress are all really helpful. But what if you are doing all this and still can't get your appetite under control? What if pushing food away is really, really hard?

We are very aware of this issue. For this reason, we are focused heavily on a leptin resistance answer as part of our response to weight management. We think we have the answer to this. We will be testing and verifying the answers before we launch the product for this. We hope to have it out by fall.

Personally speaking, I have been testing the ingredients for this. I can testify to the fact that eating healthy and eating smaller portions is a million times easier when you have improved leptin and insulin sensitivity. A million times easier.

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