Signs of food intolerances - gut health, bloating, gas

Here is a secret that took me a long time to figure out. You can fully clean up the gut and build back the gut barrier but still have food intolerances for a while (ie. bloating and gas).

After a while longer, while still working on gut health, 🪄 "POOF. SHAZAM" you can eat without bloating and gas issues. After I did a full gut cleanup and buildup I still had gas and bloating. FACT. I thought I was going to be gassy and bloated from certain foods forever. That was just how it was. I was doing a nice daily gut maintenance when I could suddenly eat whatever I wanted without gas and bloating.

What suddenly changed that allowed me to eat anything I wanted without food intolerances? After a lot of time and research, here is my answer:

I cleaned up my gut. ✅️

I build back my gut barrier. ✅️

The pathogen load in my pancreas was reduced. ✅️

BUT it took time for my pancreas to start working again.

Years ago I had my 5th shoulder surgery. It was a very big and broad surgery to fix a lot of issues. When I was done that morning with surgery the surgeon said, "You are good. The surgery went wonderful. We were able to fix everything. You should be good to go!" But I wasn't really "good to go," for about 6 more months. I had to do therapy and work my shoulder back. After 6 months, my shoulder started working and feeling great again.

Your gut is the same way. Even if you address the issues, it still takes time for your system to fully respond.

All of our protocols help with food intolerances the correct way. Enzyme supplements are a quick fix, definitely helpful but don't get to the root of the problem. Building the gut back again is a long-term, permanent plan.

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