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The estrobolome is a collection of gut bacteria that metabolize estrogen in the body. It is also known as the estrogen-gut axis!

To sum it up: estrogen influences the type of bacteria that live in your gut. Likewise, certain gut bacteria can help recycle estrogen that would otherwise be excreted through stool. Several species are involved in the estrobolome, such as F. prausnitzii, L. rhamnosus, Enterococcus. Roseburia spp, Bifidobacterium and others.

Research suggests that we can harness the estrobolome to support healthy estrogen levels in the body.

For example, consuming phytoestrogens is shown to boost healthy estrobolome species and may reduce hot flashes during menopause. Other gut microbes can detoxify endocrine-disrupting pollutants which may reduce estrogen-dominant issues in women.

How to support your estrobolome?

This is a complicated question, because it depends on what is going on with your body. For example, someone with estrogen dominance has different goals than someone going through menopause. Some common advice is to support the gut diversity with targeted probiotics and prebiotics, lowering cortisol using breath work, laughter and supplementation, avoiding endocrine disrupting chemicals, and choosing organic foods.

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