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100% Whole Food Multivitamin & K2-D3 - Vitamin and Mineral Combo

We’ve finally paired some of our customer’s favorite daily essential vitamins together into one convenient package featuring our K2D3 and 100% Whole Food Multivitamin! Daily Essential Vitamin Kit 100% Whole Food...

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30-Day Gut Cleanup Kit (Gut Health Made Simple)

The 30-Day Gut Cleanup Kit is a great place to start helping reconstruct your gut.* The triple action of three unique supplements work to help provide a powerful gut-cleaning foundation for...

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30-Day Gut Maintenance Kit  (Achieving Optimal Gut Health)

Silver Fern™ Brand believes the process of optimizing and maintaining gut health is a deliberate process of gut-cleaning and gut-restoration. It includes helping break down foods for digestion, improving motility (speed...

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Big Berkey Stainless Steel Drip Filter System - 2 Black Berkey Filters (approx. 6000 gal.)

Due to state regulations, this product cannot be shipped to CA or IA. If you live in these states and attempt to order this, your order will be cancelled. The Big...

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Bloat & Gas Relief - The FODMAP Solution!

FODMAP food issues? Gas and bloating issues? Gas & Bloat Relief can help! Gas & Bloat Relief helps provide dietary freedom for people on a low FODMAP diet and is a...

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Bloat Relief Kit

Do you suffer from regular bloating? We all experience gas or bloating at some point, but typically these symptoms are only occasional and don’t affect our day-to-day. However, if you experience...

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Boost Kit - Targeted Prebiotic and Ultimate Probiotic

Ready for an overall change in your gut health and body? Silver Fern™ Brand’s Boost Kit provides an incredible place to start with our Targeted Prebiotic and Ultimate Probiotic. Together, these...

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Cleanse - Daily Gut Detox Immunoglobulin (IgG)

Cleanse is a powerful, daily Gut Detox that helps support healthy detoxification of the body.* For those suffering from severe gut issues like Gas, Bloating, Diarrhea, Abdominal Discomforts and others, this...

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Constipation Plus Kit - Get Regular!

The most common symptom we hear about at Silver Fern™ Brand is constipation, hands down. Constipation Plus combines Regularity - Constipation Relief, Reflux with the power of bitter herbs, Sensitive Gut...

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Dairy Relief - Tolerase® L

Is there anything better than foods with Dairy? If you are like us, we love all things dairy and would be crushed without it! And for those that suffer from lactose...

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Diarrhea Plus Kit - Relief from Diarrhea or Loose Stools

Consistent problems with diarrhea or choronic loose stools is such a challenge to normal day to day life. The constant worry about having a bathroom nearby at all times adds extra...

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Digestive Enzyme with 100% pH Coverage - 90 Servings

Silver Fern™ Ultimate High Potency Digestive Enzymes are 3X stronger than common enzymes and provide 100% intestinal pH coverage with complete protein digestion.* You will not find a stronger, more effective...

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Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Perfect gift for giving your loved ones a cozy hug! Wrap them in luxury with this doubled sided faux fur home throw blanket. With four soothing color options to match all...

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Food Freedom Bundle Kit

This combination of products works so well together is because they literally support the digestion of everything you can eat in a meal (i.e., onions, garlic, protein, fats, fructose, dairy, gluten,...

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GI Relief - Acid Reflux, Indigestion, Gas and Bloating Relief

For those suffering from significant stomach issues like acid issues, indigestion, heartburn, gas, and bloating, GI Relief might be just the solution that you have been looking for.* Relief for upper...

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Gluten Comfort - Tolerase® G

Resolving gluten sensitivities is a core issue for gut health and Gluten Comfort with Tolerase® G helps provide the added digestive enzymes you need to help break down gluten so that...

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Gut Health - Basic Tune Up Kit

Living your best life begins with great gut health, so we've designed our Basic Tune up kit just for you!* You won't have to wonder where to start or what to...

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Gut Health Essentials Monthly Kit

Living your best life begins with great gut health, so we've designed a special box just for you! You won't have to wonder where to start or what to use -...

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Gut Rehab - Cleanse Daily Detox and  the Ultimate Probiotic Combo

Gut Rehab is Silver Fern® Brand’s core gut health package to help reduce toxicity, help correct bacteria imbalances, recondition and support the gut.* If you want to help to feel better,...

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Gut Repair - Rejuvenate and Fortify

For enhanced rejuvenation and fortification of the gut, Silver Fern Brand™ has created Gut Repair.* This powerful blend can provide added intestinal health support and be a critical part to a...

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Hair Complex - Keratin, Sea Buckthorn, and Silica

Hair matters! And if you are struggling at all in that department, let Silver Fern® Brand* help restore the natural beauty and health of one of your most precious assets. Our...

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Immunity BOGO SALE

Family gatherings, hugs, and gifting are some of the best things about the holiday, but this often comes with traveling and germs. Our unique immunity blend contains probiotics, resilient herbs, powerful...

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K2-D3 - Bone and Heart Support

For increased support of healthy bones, nerves, heart, and mitochondrial function, take Silver Fern™’s K2-D3!* Our K2D3 is an incredibly powerful K2D3 supplement containing 300mcg or 3x the normal dose of...

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Kids Probiotic Supplement - 30 Chewable Tablets

Silver Fern™ Kids Probiotic is specially formulated to help ensure that your children are keeping their gut in peak condition.* With proven strains and the correct dosages for kids, help protect...

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Plant-Based Organic Protein Powder with Gut Health Boost - Rich Chocolate

Silver Fern's™ 100% Plant-Based Organic Protein Powder includes potent digestive enzymes and powerful probiotics to ensure that you get the most from your protein.* Get incredible absorption, digestive comfort, and lean...

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Quiet Serenity

Want to feel good again? Quiet Serenity is the new revolutionary gut centered approach to feeling good, improving your mood, and revitalizing your zest for life*. With combining the unique new...

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Quiet Serenity BOGO SALE

Holidays are filled with hustle, bustle, and often stress. Quiet Serenity is the new revolutionary gut centered approach to feeling good, improving your mood, and revitalizing your zest for life. Now...

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Reflux - Mucosal Support for Acid Issues!

Reflux - Mucosal Support combines the soothing powers of prickly pear cactus, olive leaves, and slippery elm to support healthy stomach and intestinal linings to help with occasional heartburn, reflux, nausea,...

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Reflux Plus Kit - Relief from Acid Issues

If acid issues have plagued you for too long, let Silver Fern™ Brand help get you back on track with our Reflux Plus Kit with the power of bitter herbs. Let...

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Regularity - Non-Laxative Constipation Relief

While many constipation solutions work against the body by forcing the foods we eat through the digestive process, the Silver Fern® Brand way is different, and it starts with Regularity! By...

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Sensitive Gut Fiber - Comfortable Prebiotic Digestive Support

Sensitive Gut Fiber is a gentle, low FODMAP daily fiber supplement containing a unique blend of galactomannan guar fiber, baobab fruit powder, and acacia fiber that helps support healthy digestion, support...

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Silver Fern™ Brand Gift Cards

Silver Fern™ Brand Gift Cards are fantastic gifts to share with your friends and family and give them the option to choose what items they need most to help in their...

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Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Filter Bottle

Silver Fern's™ Stainless Steel Alkaline Filter Bottle turns regular tap water into Alkaline water in minutes. Our filter increases the pH of your water to improve your body's absorption of water....

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Targeted Prebiotic - Gut Microbiome Fuel

Unlike “traditional prebiotics” that feed both good and bad bacteria in the gut, our Targeted Prebiotic focuses on feeding important and beneficial microbial populations.* Once you seed the gut with beneficial...

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