Tino™ - Natural Prebiotic Fiber

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Tino prebiotic fiber is a water soluble, high fiber supplement that helps nourishe healthy gut bacteria with a pleasant taste and smooth texture.* Tino fiber is easy on your digestive system and contains a whopping 10g of fiber per serving or 3X more fiber per serving than most fiber supplement brands.*

Tino Fiber Benefits
3X the Fiber without the Bloating


Tino is a water-soluble powder mix, Non-GMO, gluten-free, and includes real tart cherries.* Tino is perfect to add to smoothies, cereals, shakes, juices, water, and more. With only 1g natural sugar per serving and no sugar added Tino is the perfect prebiotic digestive-friendly fiber.*

Tino Supports Digestion


  • Helps improve overall gastrointestinal health*
  • Helps improve overall digestive health*
  • Helps prevent constipation*
  • Supports feeling full*
Tino promotes joint comfort


  • Supports joint functionality and health*
  • Supports overall mobility and natural joint lubrication*
  • Helps ease post workout pain*
  • Helps fight joint pain*


  • Helps build healthy strong bones*
  • Helps promote bone repair*
  • Helps improve bone mineral density*
Tino Support a Healthy Immune System


  • Helps promote a Healthy Immune System*
  • May help with Immune System Activation*
  • Supports Healthy Levels of Hyaluronic Acid*


This chart was developed by Silver Fern Brand members. It is a generalized comparison chart comparing the Tino™ fiber with general features (or lack thereof) associated with natural and artificial fiber substitutes commonly used in the market. The material and data associated with this chart were collected between the months of July 2014 and April 2015. Therefore, this data does not reflect the features of natural and artificial fiber substitutes that were not commonly known in the market after that time.


How is Tino natural fiber different than other fiber products?

With Tino™ prebiotic fiber you get much more than a fiber product. You get a plethora of health benefits that goes far beyond help in maintaining regularity and digestive health.*

What makes Tino fiber special?

As with all Silver Fern Brand products, Tino natural fiber was formulated to be much more than a simple “re-do” product. In a natural way, Tino prebiotic fiber helps support (in addition to digestive health) bone health, joint health, and immune health.*

Why do you offer additional benefits with your fiber product?

Our research suggests that the same customers buying fiber supplements are also buying commonly known supplements for bone health, joint health, and immune health.* We wanted to add something in addition to fiber to go beyond our customers’ expectations.

How do you suggest one take Tino prebiotic fiber?

Tino fiber is water-soluble and can be added to just about everything. Whether you want to take it in a glass of water or add it to your morning coffee, tea, or oatmeal it is a great addition to your supplement plan.*

Tino Fiber Supplement Facts
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.