K2-D3 - Bone and Heart Support

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For increased support of healthy bones, nerves, heart, and mitochondrial function, take Silver Fern’s K2-D3!* Our K2D3 is an incredibly powerful K2D3 supplement containing 300mcg or 3x the normal dose of MenaquinGold® (K2-7) when compared to most other K2D3 supplements.*

K2-D3 Bone & Heart Support

  • Brain & Nerve Health*
  • Bone Mineral Density*

K2-D3 - Support for Heart and Bone Health*

K2 + D3 = Supports Healthy Bones!* Silver Fern’s K2D3 is an amazingly powerful K2D3 supplement, containing 300mcg or 3x the normal dose of MenaquinGold® (K2-7). MenaquinGold® is a superior all-natural (chickpea sourced) heavily researched form of vitamin K2-7. Recent studies suggest that the effect of pairing K2 and D3 together is much more effective than if taken on their own.*

WHY K2-7 IS IN K2D3?

K2-7 is one of the most important bone and heart health supplements our bodies need, unfortunately most people in America are deficient in K2.* Many Americans get large amounts of calcium and vitamin D from eating fortified foods and taking supplements. However, excessive amounts of calcium and Vitamin D WITHOUT K2 can cause calcium to deposit into the tissues and arteries where it forms cement-like plaque.* Instead of enhancing the bone matrix, this over supplementation can cause plaque build-up and vascular calcification (calcium accumulation in body tissues, blood vessels, and organs).* It can also cause the hardening and narrowing of the arteries.* Many of the problems associated with cardiovascular issues, the #1 cause of mortality worldwide, are attributed to this narrowing of arteries.* Excessive calcium intake may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.* Without Vitamin K2, the Vitamin D3 and calcium you are consuming may not end up where they are supposed to be. Vitamin K2 helps escort the calcium to the bone and the vitamin D3 helps enhance the calcium’s absorption and integration into the bone matrix.*

K2-7 can provide huge health benefits including*:

  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system*
  • Supports healthy bones*
  • Supports natural detoxification*
  • Supports joint health*
  • Supports dental health*
  • Supports normal sugar levels*
  • Supports healthy mitochondrial function*
  • May help with Athletic Performance*
  • Supports youthful looking skin by activating matrix-GLA protein*
  • Supports healthy aging*


K2 and D3 perform better together than apart.* Vitamin D3 is an important supplement that supports mitochondrial function, helps normal mitochondrial function, helps normal immune function, and promotes healthy bone formation that is needed through all stages of life.* If a bone product with Vitamin D and calcium DOES NOT contain active vitamin K2, it typically is much less effective as a bone building supplement.*

    What do we get from Vitamin D3?

    • Supports calcium absorption*
    • Supports healthy bone growth*

    Vitamin D3 has been linked to supporting normal sugar levels, heart health, normal blood pressure and bone health.*

    How does Vitamin D3 support detoxification of pathways?

    Detoxification happens in 2 phases*:

    • PHASE 1: In phase one, the bad substances need to be transformed before they can be eliminated.* Vitamin D3 helps increase the detox enzymes responsible for this transformation and helps flush out harmful substances.*
    • PHASE 2: In phase two, detoxification compounds help bind and neutralize the bad substances and help them excrete from the body.* These important nutrient compounds include glutathione, amino acids, methionine, and sulfur.* While your diet can provide many of the detox compounds, the critical glutathione compound is only produced by your own tissues.*

    Natural Vitamin D3, as found in K2D3, is a great daily supplement that, when paired with K2, becomes even more powerful and beneficial for your body.*

    What is the Secret to choosing the right K2D3 Product?

    ANSWER: Get the right form of K2-7 and then dose it correctly: Of the almost 13,000 studies on K2, all but one was done on natural K2. Very little is known about synthetic K2. The most recent and most powerful studies used approximately 300 mcg per day. If your K2-7 is not natural and if the dosing isn’t correct, then you may not be getting the full benefits of K2-7.*

    Silver Fern’s K2-7 comes from MenaquinGold®, a high grade superior form of MK-7 that is approved for use with infants and children. It is produced through the fermentation process of chickpeas and is 100% soy-free. This powerful form of K2-7 has a higher concentration and superior bioavailability than other K2-7 products.* If your K2-7 supplement does not contain MenaquinGold® you really don’t know how good your K2-7 supplement is! The fact is that not all K2-7 are alike, and most K2 products have gone synthetic. Many companies claim to be natural but are only partially natural or are completely synthetic. So why choose natural over synthetic?

    1. Virtually all the amazing research on the benefits of K2-7 are based upon a natural K2-7. Synthetic is not supported by this research*
    2. Synthetic K2-7 has a different structure than natural K2-7
    3. Synthetic K2-7 is produced using toxic compounds that some suggest may not have been tested for safety
    4. Long term use of synthetic vitamins may cause health complications
    5. Synthetic vitamins are not bioequivalent to natural vitamins

    To get the benefits, use Natural K2-7!*

    Why 300 mcg of K2 per serving?

    The optimal daily dosing for K2-7 is 300mcg.* Most K2-7 products, including even the synthetic forms, only provide 100mcg per serving. You may need 3X more than what most K2-7 products provide!* Most of the recent research on the MenaquinGold® specific to normal mitochondria function, healthy cardiovascular function, and athletic performance, etc., were all done at the higher dose of 300 mcg per day.* If you are not getting enough K2-7 per day then you may not get the proven benefits!* Silver Fern’s K2D3 provides you with the correct amount of the best K2-7 available to help you get the best results!*

    K2-D3 Supplement Facts
    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.