Nano Spray - Frequency Charged Silver - 10PPM

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Nano Spray is Silver Fern™ Brand’s approach to helping the microbiome of the sinuses. An imbalanced sinus microbiome can cause congestion, reactions, stuffiness, running, dripping, and many other problems. Look no further than Nano Spray for sinus microbiome support!*

True Story...This Product Is Personal.

For years, Phil (one of the co-founders of Silver Fern) spent every Fall and Winter with sinus infections. Within six weeks following each cold he would inevitably end up at the doctor’s office for another round of antibiotics. Concoctions of sinus rinses, sprays, OTC medications, zinc, vitamin C, elderberry, etc. never worked. Due to continued use, the antibiotics eventually became less and less effective as they tend to do. This led to needing more and more aggressive antibiotics each year. Also, his immune system got worse and worse. Common colds became bad colds. Bad colds became really bad colds, and so on. He was on a downward spiral. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

What Phil needed all those years was a product that would help stop his sinus issues upfront. Something that would stop things before they became so problematic. When your sinus microbiome is unhealthy, you may have a runny nose, stuffy nose, pressure, headaches, coughs, bad breath, or a sore throat.*

Nano Spray is the Silver Fern™ Brand answer to helping the microbiome of the sinuses.*

Nano Spray:

  • May help relieve congestion*
  • May help clean the passageway*

What is Nano Spray?

Nano Spray contains frequency activated nano Ag4O4 (purified silver). This ingredient helps to break down the bad actors in the microbiome that often cause problems in the sinuses.*

The purified silver in Nano Spray is NOT traditional colloidal silver. Nano Spray’s frequency activated nano Ag4O4 is able to function with multiple strike actions compared to the single strike action of traditional colloidal silver products. This allows it to be highly effective even when used in smaller amounts.*

Nano Spray:

  • Exits the body in 24 hours or less (whereas traditional silver may not)*
  • Provides continual strike actions*
  • Manufactured in an FDA audited facility*
  • GRAS certified*

Other silver products typically are not effective unless used in very high doses and can build up in your body. They also don’t come backed by quality manufacturing and well documented safety studies. Don’t take your chances with anything else, get Silver Fern™ Brand’s Nano Spray today for unmatched sinus microbiome support!*

When and How Do You Use Nano Spray?

You can use 2 sprays up to 3 times daily. Children can use 1 spray up to 2 times daily.

Nano Scrub Facts
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.