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Our Story:

Silver Fern About Us

Have you ever wondered how Silver Fern™ Brand came to be? We've always been passionate about health and exercise but after years (yes, years) of Phil (co-founder) spending the majority of the winter with sinus infections and bronchitis we knew we needed to find a healthy, preemptive solution to keeping him healthy and avoiding constant use of antibiotics. We were fortunate Phil met Kiran Krishnan at a conference. Kiran is an amazing microbiologist and clinical researcher specializing in digestive and gut health. He has educated us on the importance of digestive health in relation to the immune system as well as so many other aspects of our health (we'll cover more of those later). Kiran introduced us to his team's dietitian and director of scientific affairs, Aicacia Young. Coupled with Aicacia's vast knowledge of nutrition we've created some of the cleanest and most effective products on the market. ⁠

Our story doesn't end there so we hope you'll stick around to get to know us and our family better. In the process, we hope to help educate you more as to why Silver Fern™ has the best and most effective products out there.⁠

At Silver Fern™ Brand, we believe that you were designed to be great, to do amazing things with your life, and to reach your fullest potential! We also believe that your health will either help you or hinder you on your journey. We know that choosing products can be confusing and overwhelming. For that reason, we’ve carefully formulated unique products that are designed to improve your health.  Made from Science-backed, and third party-tested quality ingredients, we are proud to not only take our products ourselves but give to our families as well. Our goal at Silver Fern™ Brand is developing products designed for individuals seeking to improve their lives and be the best they can be!

The Silver Fern™ Brand Name

The Silver Fern is a tree native to New Zealand with a distinct silver white coloring of the under-surface of the fronds.  The elegant shape of the fronds represent strength, resistance, and enduring power. With close family ties to New Zealand, we thought that this was the perfect symbol for our company. Maori hunters and warriors would use the silver underside of the fern leaves to find their way. When bent over, the fronds would catch the moonlight and illuminate a path through the forest. Today, Silver Fern™ hopes to guide the way in your health and wellness journey.