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About Us

Our Mission:

Silver Fern™ Brand desires to change the world of health and nutrition. Silver Fern™ Brand is changing foods, treats, snacks, desserts, supplements, and much more through creative innovation. Products are re-invented from the foundation up to be cutting-edge and unparalleled. Silver Fern™ Brand will not settle for anything less than excellent.

The Silver Fern™ Brand Name

The naming of Silver Fern™ Brand comes from the family heritage and association several members and owners of Silver Fern™ Brand have with the country of New Zealand. The pristine and adventurous mountains, rivers, and valleys of New Zealand seemed an appropriate image to fit a new brand in health and nutrition.

The silver fern, or cyathea dealbata, is a medium-sized tree fern native to New Zealand and is a symbol deeply associated with the country and her people. In a similar way that the maple leaf is considered a national symbol of Canada, the silver fern is considered an unofficial symbol for New Zealand. It appears in politics, national sports teams’ logos and crests, national brands, print material, and is often the basis for tribal and native tattoos.

Silver Fern™ Product Names

In keeping with the New Zealand connection and theme, Silver Fern™ Brand products are named with Māori words. The Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand most famously known for their tribal dance known as the Haka. Though originating from other islands of Polynesia, the Māori developed their own language, customs, arts and crafts. Several founding members of Silver Fern™ Brand have familial ties and connections of Māori decent, which has endeared the Māori culture and history to them. By choosing to name products with Māori words, we honor and pay tribute to that family ancestry and history.