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Resolving gluten sensitivities is a core issue for gut health and Gluten Comfort with Tolerase® G helps provide the added digestive enzymes you need to help break down gluten so that you can enjoy gluten again.* Don't let gluten sensitivities stop you from eating the foods you love most!

Enjoy Gluten Again, Finally!*

At Silver Fern Brand we believe in food enjoyment, not food avoidance. Some of life’s best foods come with gluten and we would love to help you enjoy them again.

Gluten Comfort by Silver Fern Brand is a targeted enzyme product that contains a dietary enzyme that helps to break down gluten in the stomach.*

Simply following a gluten-free diet may not be enough. Many so called “gluten-free” foods actually still contain gluten. In fact, data suggests that approximately 32% of foods labeled “gluten-free” contained measurable amounts of gluten, with pizza and pastas being the most likely offenders.*


There is a protein complex in wheat, barley and rye called proline. The human body struggles to break down proline-rich proteins. Tolerase® G is a targeted digestive enzyme that helps break down proline-rich proteins.* It is the first enzyme shown to be effective in helping resolve gluten sensitivity.* Gluten Comfort can support the degradation of gluten in a way that mirrors the human gastrointestinal tract.*



The label dosing for Gluten Comfort is to provide help against trace amounts of gluten found in items such as gluten-free pasta and restaurant labeled gluten-free dishes. If you are going to consume a large amount of gluten, we highly recommend a much higher dosing of 3 to 4 capsules. 

One can’t overdose on Gluten Comfort but one can under dose, we recommend leaning towards caution and taking more than less.  Also, enzymes work best when taken right before or at the beginning of meals. Taking Gluten Comfort hours before or after a meal will not provide much relief as the key window of digestion will have passed.*


  • May assist with resolving heartburn/indigestion/acid issues*
  • Stable and active under gastric conditions*
  • May help protect against hidden sources of gluten*
  • Precision targeting of gluten proteins*
  • Helps provide digestive support*

Gluten Comfort - Supplement Facts
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.