A new twist to SIBO you don't know - gut health, leaky gut, bacteria overgrowth

Why are you so bloated and gassy with bacterial overgrowth problems?

(1) Bad bacteria ferment fiber causing a lot of gas, which causes a lot of bloating
(2) With bacteria overgrowth and leaky gut comes pancreas problems. The pancreas produces enzymes. When the pancreas has problems it produces fewer enzymes. Fewer enzymes to break down food causes major gas and bloating problems.
(3) Bacteria overgrowth and stomach issues (like frequent reflux) overlap a lot. Stomach problems cause gas and bloating.

Did you know that to help with bacteria overgrowth you also need to help with low stomach acid, H. pylori overgrowth, slow motility, gut barrier integrity, AND pancreas problems?

About our bad bacterial overgrowth protocols, a lot of people ask us, "How long is it going to take?" or "Why does this take so long?"

The answer is, "The issue is much more complicated than just going scorched earth (killing everything) on all the bacteria in the small intestine." Antibiotics work great...initially. I think they have a 97% success rate. How do they do long-term? Not a 97% success rate.

I strongly encourage those with bacterial overgrowth issues to consider starting with the SIBO/IBS Slow Motility approach if you have any constipation, reflux, heartburn, signs of low stomach acid, feeling full quickly and for long periods after only eating a little amount, gastritis, etc. If your bacterial overgrowth issues come with slow motility, DM us #SIBO/IBS Slow. We suggest helping with motility issues first AND THEN doing a gut cleanup when pathogens can be moved out effectively. This works best.

If you don't have slow motility and stomach issues but feel like you have bad overgrowth issues or diarrhea/loose stool problems, DM us #Cleanup.

We know that many of you are tired of lingering gut issues. We are very good at helping with these issues. Follow the protocols as suggested. They work. They are thorough and complete. We assume everything is broken and help it all.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram.

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