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Find all the products that you love in special bundles to save even more money! We are constantly adding new bundle collections, so check back here often to find the bundle packs that best fit your needs! And let us know what bundles you would like to see, we are happy to create new ones if enough people reach out to us!


Gut Rehab - Cleanse Daily Detox and  the Ultimate Probiotic Combo

Gut Rehab is Silver Fern® Brand’s core gut health package to reduce toxicity, correct bacteria imbalances, recondition and support the gut. If you want to feel better, have a healthy gut,...

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Boost Kit - Targeted Prebiotic and Ultimate Probiotic

Ready for an overall change in your gut health and body? Silver Fern™ Brand’s Boost Kit provides the best place to start with our Targeted Prebiotic and Ultimate Probiotic. Together, these...

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Gut Health Kits - Basic Tune Up or 4-Step Essentials Box

Living your best life begins with great gut health, so we've designed a couple of Gut Health Kits just for you! You won't have to wonder where to start or what...

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Ultimate Probiotic Bundle Pack - Adult and Children Kit

*Due to unforeseen delays, please allow 10-14 Business Days for this product to arrive*With the Ultimate Probiotic Bundle Pack, you will have a 1-month supply for an adult and child of...

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60-Day Gut Cleanup Kit (Start Calming the Gut)

The 60-Day Gut Cleanup Kit is the place to start to reconstruct your gut. The triple action of three unique supplements work to provide the most powerful gut-cleaning and gut-healing foundation...

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30-Day Gut Maintenance Kit  (Achieving Optimal Gut Health)

To Silver Fern™ Brand the process of optimizing gut health and daily gut maintenance is a deliberate process of gut-cleaning and gut-healing. It includes the rapid reshaping of gut bacteria composition,...

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