Trimr Shaker Bottle w/ Silver Fern™ Brand Logo - Graphite Color

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Tired of leaky shaker bottles? It's time for an upgrade with the Trimr Duo Shaker Bottle, the worlds' first hybrid shaker bottle. Made from Eastman Tritan™ BPA-free plastic, the highest-rated composite plastic in the world, this shaker bottle is leak proof, odor-resistant, and incredibly durable.

In our minds, the Trimr Duo Shaker Bottle is the best way to mix your protein and take it with you. Standing 9 inches tall, this BPA-free bottle holds up to 24 oz of your favorite drinks, is leak proof, and has a built in, surgical grade stainless steel agitator to completely mix up your protein.

The best feature is the lid though, with options to drink through a straw or to open up and full on chug! We love these bottles so much, which are also dishwasher friendly, that we stamped the Silver Fern™ Brand logo on them as a mark of approval. Get a bottle or two today and enjoy your supplement drinks on a whole new level!