Insulin resistance - gut health, weightloss

Many, many people daily provide us with a list of gut issues and then they say, "And I can't lose weight no matter how hard I try!"

Unfortunately and in complete disagreement with all the weight loss ads on social media, there are more than 3 keys to weight loss. There are a lot of keys to successful long-term weight loss:

(1) Gut Health: Short-chain fatty acids, akkermansia, prevotella, f. prausnitizii, christensenella, leaky gut, dysbiosis, inflammation, etc.
(2) Food addiction issues or the psychological relationship with food
(3) Elevated cortisol
(4) Low serotonin production
(5) GLP-1
(6) Insulin resistance
(7) Leptin resistance
(8) Ghrelin management
(9) Exercise
(10) Diet
(11) Sleep

Reversing insulin resistance is a key. No question. But there is a whole system that needs to be implemented. Many people say, "Just burn more calories than you consume." This is true. But for some food is an addiction, reducing consumption of food causes extreme dieting and eating problems that contribute to future weight gain, and over-exercising can contribute to weight gain (lowers testosterone levels and elevates cortisol).

What is the sustainable answer?

We do believe improving gut health is part of the answer. We believe helping with mood is part of the answer. Stress Complex is part of our answer to this issue.

We are actively developing a product to answer your many requests to help you with healthy sustainable long-term weight loss. We feel like we are close to this answer and hope to have something out shortly.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram.

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