6 causes of toxic liver, kidney, & pancreas problems - gut health, probiotics, leaky gut

"You don't understand. I don't have gut problems. I have NAFLD. What do I do for that?"

"You don't understand, I have kidney disease. I don't have gut health issues."

"You don't understand. I have pancreatic exocrine insufficiency and can't produce enough enzymes."

We understand. We spend a lot of time studying what causes liver, kidney, and pancreas problems. And not shockingly, gut imbalances (dysbiosis) and leaky gut (increased intestinal permeability) very directly affect other organs and cause other organ issues.

So, given that dysbiosis and leaky gut are causing your issues, why do you think we suggest starting with gut health?

When a person has an enzyme deficiency (food intolerance), we assume low stomach acid, dysbiosis, lack of probiotics that increase enzymes (not all probiotics do), leaky gut, and inflammation are all problems.

Did you know that dysbiosis, leaky gut, inflammation, and immune dysfunction are all present in kidney disease? Research shows this is true.

Did you know that people with NAFLD have leaky gut, dysbiosis, and inflammation? That's what the research says.

When looking to help the liver, kidney, and pancreas you need to be dialed into gut health. That is the reality.

All our protocols help restore microbial balance, gut barrier integrity, healthy inflammatory responses, and immune system function. Those are the four pillars we focus on.

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