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If you hate all things Stevia and Stevia extract, that is totally okay. This post is to evaluate the recent research on Stevia.

Generally speaking, when Stevia is not combined with sugar alcohols (which is how we use it in the Reflux product), it is not known to cause digestive discomforts in most people. For some, however, Stevia extract does cause digestive discomforts. And some hate the taste. For this reason, we offer unsweetened options in all of our protocols.

Generally speaking, Stevia is considered much safer than artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols.

Japan, which is very rigid on sweeteners used in their country, will not allow artificial sweeteners. Japan has approved the use of Stevia.

Of the 14 research studies that are evaluated and referenced in most commentary from credible sources on the effects of Stevia, four of them say Stevia may lead to imbalances or inhibiting of beneficial bacteria. However, it also states in this research that the effects are likely due to the diets the participants were on (thus inconclusive). One of the studies showed that Stevia might interrupt gram negative bacteria (usually considered bad bacteria) communication while the other nine studies showed health benefits from Stevia.

From what I can find on other negative research on Stevia, when you read the fine print the participants were also on an "American Diet" or unique diet, which this alone could negatively affect the microbiome.

Most blog posts (from health and wellness groups) on Stevia that state Stevia increases appetite, weight gain, etc. are using outdated research studies and do not use the recent more credible research studies that usually state the complete opposite of what was originally thought in earlier research studies.

Unless you do not like the taste of Stevia or if the Stevia causes discomforts/allergic reactions, we see no reason why you can't use Stevia. As in all things, please use it in moderation.

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