Does it matter what type of probiotic you take with your antibiotics? - gut health, probiotics

All probiotics are the same, right?

The special capsules ensuring survival are the best, right?

The more CFUs and strains the better, right?

Sorry! ❌

Not true.👎🏼

When our microbiologist formulated Ultimate Probiotic he took a lot into account, including the fact that almost every doctor in the country tells their patients to take a "good" probiotic along with their antibiotics. (Notice how I am not saying he is a cardiologist or anything like that because they don't research the microbiome.)

We know that most people become super interested in probiotics when they are told they need an antibiotic. Antibiotics slay good bacteria. The problem is that you are better off taking no probiotic than the wrong probiotic. That's the truth.

If you want a great probiotic then choose a probiotic formulated by a microbiologist with the intent to help reduce the effects of antibiotics.

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