Why should you worry about your digestion before starting a gut cleanse? - gut health, probiotics, motility

If your system is slow and pathogens have no place to go, what happens?

If your gut and liver are already clogged up, how are all the pathogens getting evacuated? Probably your skin. That's no fun.

Starting with a gut clean up before you have opened up detox pathways is a bit like cleaning a room but not having a door to take all the garbage through.

Yes, it is very true that microbial imbalances cause slow motility. Very true. We use Nano Scrub in our motility protocols to help with this. But trying to clean up clogged "pipes" is very tough. And any true cleanse that is effective needs a gentle "ease into it" period or you are going to get thumped.

Further, a true detoxification or cleanse shouldn't be forcing motility like traditional juice cleanses do. I know 🤯

Unless you have really bad diarrhea/loose stools, your protocol should work on detox pathways and motility in step 1. Do the clean up in step 2 when your system is ready for it.

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