Bad Skin Imbalances - gut health, candida, fungus

I grew up running back and forth between two large family cattle ranches (my mother and father's families had cattle ranches). We were always getting cut, scraped, burned, etc. I grew up coating everything in Neosporin®.

The number of skin infections and irritations I had was too many to count.

Now with 5 children of my own, we for sure (100%) have had our range of skin issues. For years (like 10+ years), our family has used a specific nano silver that is used in hospitals around the country for all sorts of skin issues. We use it for everything from cuts and burns to random skin rashes that pop up. While I like Neosporin® a lot, this silver product works better (faster and more effective).

Silver Fern™ was able to get the rights to offer this same silver gel that we have used in our family for years to our customers.

As I am sure you can imagine, as a gut health company that focuses heavily on cleaning pathogens from the gut we get a lot of customers who ask about imbalances that have spread to the skin. When the gut barrier is permeable (leaky), pathogens do affect the skin. Further, you and I both encounter pathogens on a very frequent basis that directly come in contact with our skin. This same gel we use for all sorts of other issues is also amazing for helping with skin imbalances.

If you have questions or would like more information, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

DM us #Skin for skin issues.

DM us #Pathogen Protocol if you also want to hit everything from the inside at the same time. Warning: We do go aggressive with our cleanup protocol. We don't have different protocols for candida, bad bacteria, parasites, etc. We assume you may have it all and then clean it all up. From our perspective, that is the only way to go.

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