2 surprising signs you have an inflamed stomach lining - gut health, mucosal barrier

Do supplements hurt your stomach? Can't tolerate digestive enzymes, ginger root extract, turmeric, L-arginine, etc.? Do your vitamins hurt to take too?

You likely have an inflamed stomach lining. Meaning, the lining of your stomach can't protect against strong stomach acid. This means your mucosal barrier is weak or damaged. Since the stomach lining is what both creates HCL (stomach acid) and protects against it, an inflamed stomach lining causes low stomach acid.

Most of the time people use acid blockers and antibiotics (for H. pylori) for an inflamed stomach lining. The acid blockers are to block acid (though I'm clueless how this helps the mucosal barrier protect against acid in the future). Antibiotics are used to kill H. pylori.

We suggest a different approach.

1️⃣ Help soothe and calm the mucosal layer
2️⃣ Help build the mucosal layer
3️⃣ Help address the imbalances (i.e. H. pylori overgrowth) that may be causing the damage to the mucosal barrier
4️⃣ Help calm down inflammatory processes

If this is you, consider a protocol that helps with gastritis and low stomach acid issues here!

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