Why do you need a full protocol for reflux & heartburn? - gut health, antacids, acid blockers

Why are Silver Fern™ Brand protocols so expansive and thorough over 90 days? Because reflux and heartburn (like bloating) are caused by a lot of problems (not just 1 problem).

"I took Reflux for a week and it didn't work!!!"
That's shocking that one scoop of one product didn't solve all the causes of reflux & heartburn in a week. (NOT AT ALL SHOCKING. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO SHOCKING ACTUALLY.)

Yes, you can take acid blockers for an extended period of time. They are super cheap. You can get them almost anywhere.

But did you know that too much stomach acid is rarely (like hardly ever) the cause for reflux & heartburn? I mean it does happen. But if too much stomach acid isn't in the top 10 causes for reflux and heartburn why are you blocking stomach acid?

Did you know that stomach acid serves a purpose? It breaks down food. It neutralizes pathogens like yeast and bacteria. You DO need it.

If you want to stop messing around with reflux and heartburn follow the 90 day full protocol for helping with it. Protocols explain how to ease off of acid blockers.

Though I do hear baking soda and water is dang near free. And it works amazing from what people say? (BTW - Baking Soda and water is essentially an antacid, it is NOT recommended to use long-term.)

Taking betaine HCL is fine if your reflux/heartburn is from too little stomach acid. But it won't help you increase your own stomach acid. It won't help with the other causes of reflux/heartburn either.

Ox bile is good too. But it also isn't improving your own production of enzymes and nutrients for proper digestion.

These are band-aid options (as is ACV).

Ready to get real help and say goodbye to reflux & heartburn? Check out our full protocol for reflux, heartburn, & gastritis issues

Note: Hiatal hernias are something we can't help with. But there are massage therapists and chiropractors that do specialize in helping with those issues that you may want to consider before something like surgery.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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