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Have you ever tried a protocol that you have to stay on forever otherwise the issues come back? This isn't that protocol. It is a "clean it up and be done" protocol.

This is a protocol you will notice. By the end of step 2 you should have a very clean gut. Very clean. I know trust is lacking in the supplement industry with all the ads of products and protocols that don't work. I get it. But consider trusting the protocol long enough to do steps 1 and 2. That should provide all you need so you can trust that step 3 will also be very good for you.

The protocol is made up of three products dosed correctly.

The "heavy lifting" part of the clean up happens in step 2. The reason for having people ease into the protocol and not jumping into step 2 is because when bad stuff is leaving (disassembled, pulled part, etc.) it can be uncomfortable. Ideally, we want to keep the discomfort down. Real stuff does real things. That's about all I can say as a supplement company.

The only change I would make to be more effective is if someone has bad horrible miserable diarrhea/loose stools. If you have that then please do the Pathogen Issues + Intense Diarrhea Protocol.

Please don't do this protocol if you have slow motility issues. If you have slow stomach emptying or constipation issues, start with opening up detox pathways and turning on motility first. Note: Laxatives do not start motility. They force it. It's not the same.

Slow Motility protocols include the steps for deep gut clean up but they come after your system has turned on again.

If you are looking to clean up the gut, this is the process for you.
Yes, it works.
Yes, you will notice it.
Yes, it has a start and stop to it.

If you want help providing direction to the right protocol for you please send us a DM on Instagram #silverfernbrand. You can find our Pathogen Issues Protocols here.

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