When the gut is in horrible shape it takes heavy lifting and time to get it back in line - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, digestion

This is why even the best products may not work for some people. Huge problems need aggressive responses, especially when the huge problems have been entrenched for an extended period of time.⁠
Honestly, I have started to respond to most requests for a plan with, “Is it okay if I suggest a really aggressive plan? I am sorry it is so aggressive. But it will work.” I am not sure how to take care of big issues with small efforts. I’ve tried for years. I honestly hate asking customers to go so big upfront. But failure is just miserable. ⁠
My own gut health journey involved attacking issues aggressively⁠
upfront, and it worked. I know the packages are big. But I share how to save on all of them. The goal is to go big, address big issues, feel better, and move to maintenance as fast as possible. If products are⁠
not necessary, I won’t suggest them.⁠
Customer: “I took the Ultimate Probiotic for 30 days and it didn’t do anything!”⁠
Me: “What issues did you have?”⁠
Customer: “Severe constipation/IBS-C”⁠
Me: “Can I please help you start over? You started with the wrong product with the wrong dosing, and it takes longer than 30 days to help something like IBS-C. Would it be okay if I showed you how to go super aggressive to best help the issues you are having?”⁠

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