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Probiotics are not all the same, nor do they function the same

Probiotics are not all the same. Not even close, actually. They don’t necessarily even contain the same TYPES of strains let alone the same strains.
Most companies focus their efforts on reseeding probiotic
strains when formulating their probiotic products. Many focus on larger numbers and more strains because more is better, right? This is why fast-food restaurants super-size everything. Everyone wants "more for their money."
Silver Fern™ Brand asked its microbiologist to make our probiotic so that it improved the gut conditions and environment of consumers in a dramatic way. Generally speaking, we wanted a probiotic that started with helping motility, then cleaning up the gut, and finally helping build it up.
While most companies don’t expect great things to happen with their probiotics, we do. While most companies hope customers are “box checking” when they pick up a probiotic product (“I don’t
understand what it does or if it works, but I take one”), Silver Fern™ Brand expects our probiotic to help our customers' gut health.
Will taking any probiotic suddenly change the gut conditions of a totally wrecked system in 30 days or less? No. That’s just the truth. We do expect our customers to notice it working.

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