Why am I so constapted? - gut health, constipation, laxatives

"Why can't you fix my constipation issues faster?"

Here is the not-so-soft and very direct answer.

If you trained your system to be slow and reinforced that over time then it is going to take time to re-train it. It took time for you to be this way and it will take time to reprogram your system to be independent.

"Why do we need to take Motility (or Slow Motility+ protocol or Reflux + Motility protocol) for 90 days? Why do you suggest I continue to take Motility into the cleanup step after I'm regular?"

We don't want you to go from constipated to regular then back to constipated again. We want to set regularity as your new normal. When we do a cleanup process, we use a very effective binder. If you have a high toxin load and start loading up on binders it will slow your system down. Your system may still need help with regularity and motility while you are loading binders.

Motility is our answer to helping with all of this. Motility is successful because it effectively helps with 5 key points:
(1) Turns on peristalsis (the wavelike motion that moves food and waste through the system)*
(2) Hydrates the system (key for those with hard, dry compact stools that are difficult to pass)*
(3) Promotes gut barrier function*
(4) Improves serotonin production, which has a key role in gastrointestinal motility*
(5) Helps restore a healthy stress response in the digestive system (unhealthy stress responses interrupt normal motility function)*

If you have questions or want more information please send us a DM on Instagram.
If you need help with constipation issues, DM us #Motility.

If you have constipation AND reflux, heartburn, nausea, burping, belching, etc., DM us #Reflux+Motility.

If you want a full protocol to help with your gut issues starting with slow motility issues, DM us #Slow Motility +. We have a 3-step protocol.

We don't do halfway. If you want the full approach, that's us.

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