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Some healthy foods may be causing bloating and gas - gut health, probiotics

Yes, these are extremely healthy foods loaded in nutrients. BUT when the gut isn’t prepared for healthy foods, they can cause some serious pain and bloating.
I know for me, that as I was switching my diet from unhealthy foods to healthy foods, I was surprised by how painful eating so many fruits and vegetables was. And they caused very smelly gas. The solution was to avoid certain fruits and vegetables for a while.
I simply found other foods that didn't cause discomfort that are healthy. Now I am able to eat all of them with no issues.
I am not a big believer in food avoidance. But I also don’t believe in agitating the stomach while you are trying to calm it down. I suggest bringing back healthy foods as soon as the gut can manage digesting them. And yes, helping your gut be able to digest foods without problems is part of the goal.

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