What can you do to help your liver? - gut health, short-chain fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics

"Myth #4: Liver cleanses can correct existing liver damage."

Did you know that short-chain fatty acids have been shown to increase enzyme activity in the liver?

"Dietary fiber-derived short-chain fatty acids: A potential therapeutic target to alleviate obesity-related nonalcoholic fatty liver disease"

We have a lot of people ask about liver health. Following a general plan of eating and drinking healthier, getting plenty of rest and exercise, and not overloading on meds is a great starting point.

Imbalances in the gut are also a leading factor of poor liver health, so it is always advisable to focus on gut health in order to help the liver.

Lastly, given how important short-chain fatty acids are to liver health, it is helpful to pair the right probiotics and prebiotics together that are shown to increase short-chain fatty acids.

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