Very restrictive dieting may cause additional issues - gut health, hormones

Dieting may be the cause of your health issues.

We all get pumped to hit our weight loss goals in January. However,
The odds are against you with these type of weight loss programs.

Rapid weight loss slows the metabolism much more than gradual weight loss.

Many rapid weight loss plans restrict carbs in some fashion. Removing processed carbs is good. But eliminating dietary fiber and prebiotics can be very harmful to the microbiome, which is what helps manage the metabolism. If you starve your microbiome, you may be killing your metabolism that way.

Restricted low calorie diets over extended periods of time can also mess with your hormones. When your hormones are off it can cause weight gain.

Overly restrictive diets result in a yo-yo effect, which can trigger the opposite of what you want with your weight loss program: slow metabolism, muscle loss, low energy, even more hunger, and mental health problems.

Last but not least, when you suddenly stop eating the foods that make you so happy, then your brain is going to punish you with hangry. Years ago I started the South Beach diet. That lasted about a week before Tiffany told me I had two choices, carbs or divorce. I chose carbs.

What's the answer?
Choose a sustainable diet program that will have you losing fat over an extended period of time. Choose a program that allows you to eat what you want on date nights, vacation, and holidays. If you are looking down the barrel of a very restrictive diet you should know going in, it most likely won't work. Find something that will and stay on it.

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