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Weight loss & gut bacteria-what's the connection? diet, exercise, prebiotics, probiotics

If the science (a lot of science) says that an unhealthy gut is directly linked to weight gain and if the science says that a healthy gut with the right gut bacteria is linked to being lean, then why don’t diet and exercise programs focus a lot more time on that?🤷🏼‍♀️⁠
Traditional weight loss programs don’t work. They just don’t. Is a healthy diet and exercise important? For sure. It is 100% important. But the statistics for that plan⁠
working alone for long-term weight/fat loss benefits are horrible. Meaning, there is a 5% chance of it⁠
working. ⁠
I’m not saying that there aren’t many people that don’t muscle their way into fitness and being lean. There are, in fact, motivated people that will push their way into fitness no matter what. Those people are awesome, and I think that is great. ⁠
What I am saying is that the data suggests that most people will fail and the reason behind that is directly connected to gut health.⁠
Poor Gut Health = Difficult Time Losing Fat and Keeping It Off!⁠
Our science team put together the Boost Kit Program to address the part of body composition change (weight loss, fat loss, lean muscle building, etc.) that’s missing from a majority of programs. ⁠
Connect the Boost Kit to a favorite healthy diet and exercise to see much better results!⁠
To all the trainers in the world, we’d love to help out!

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