Physically fit, constipated, & bloated-protein, gut health, non laxative

Many (most?) fit people struggle with constipation and bloating. The long-term solution is to improve⁠
motility (not cause diarrhea). Btw- this also helps with heartburn and acid reflux, nausea, and digestive⁠
How is this done?⁠
◾Take 2 Upper GI Relief capsules at the beginning of meals or right before meals for 3 meals a day. ⁠
◾Take another 2 capsules at any sign of heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, or discomfort. ⁠
◾Do this for 3 months. ⁠
At about week 6 the constipation and bloating should decrease dramatically. Please stay on the high dose for the full 3 months. After 3 months drop to 2 capsules a day at the beginning of a meal. ⁠
For travelers’ constipation or other times that cause constipation please jump back up to the higher dosing. It is only temporary.⁠
That’s a lot of capsules?⁠
Yes, it is. But it works. Slow motility and low stomach acid take a little bit to fix. The goal should be for a⁠
long-term solution not medications that make the problem worse over time.⁠
What causes slow motility?⁠
Laxatives, a high protein diet, stress, etc.⁠
Other tips:⁠
💦Drink a lot of water. ⁠
🥝Get plenty of fiber (I suggest psyllium husk fiber or kiwi fruit fiber).⁠

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