True Probiotics Offer Natural Detoxification-detox, gut health

A good probiotic shouldn’t only increase the abundance of other good probiotic bacteria, but they should decrease the bad stuff in the gut as well. ⁠
A true probiotic naturally knows which bacteria are⁠
good and which are bad. Think of taking true probiotics as introducing both gut bacteria management as well as powerful "bouncers" to knock out the bad stuff to keep all the good bacteria happy.⁠
These probiotics should naturally push out bacteria like E. coli and LPS while increasing good bacteria like Bifidobacterium, Prevotella, Faecalibaterium prausnitzii, and Akkermansia muciniphila.⁠
“Detoxing doesn’t exist!”⁠
Sure, it does. Real detoxing is when real toxins have been clinically shown to be removed from the digestive tract and body by a certain product or ingredient. True probiotics meet that requirement.⁠

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