Vitamin K1 vs. K2 and whether it should be paired with vitamin D - supplements, vitamins, K2D3

The research suggests that Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 are different.

Vitamin K2 absorbs better than Vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 (in the form of MK-7) has shown to be very good for regulating osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, cancer and inflammatory diseases without the risk of negative side effects or overdosing.

Further, the research on Vitamin K and Vitamin D not absorbing well together seems to be on Vitamin K1, not Vitamin K2. And even that research says that the research supports that Vitamin D and Vitamin K are more effective together than alone for both bone 🦴 and cardiovascular ❤️ health.

This question came up suddenly and it was suggested that when you take them together they fight over absorption. Or if you take them together they cause hypercalcemia. The research I see says that Vitamin K2 (not K1) reduce calcium levels in the blood, thus reducing deposition in the vascular structures. And I cannot find anything that suggests that Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D fight over absorption.

Vitamin D3 directs calcium from the intestines into the blood. And Vitamin K2 then directs the calcium into the bones.

The research (as of 2020 in the Journal of Nutrition) shows that when a person has low Vitamin D and K status they have adverse cardiac remodeling and increased risk for all-cause mortality in men and women.

Lastly, people suggest that Vitamin K causes issues with warfarin and anticoagulation therapy. That appears to be on Vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 helps with coagulation.

The best form of Vitamin K2, is MK-7 (superior to MK-4). The best form of Vitamin D is Vitamin D3.

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