Slow gastric emptying - gut health, nausea, vomiting, feeling full

Slow stomach emptying under recognized (according to Michael Cline, DO, Director of Cleveland Clinic's Gastroparesis Clinic). There are a few good medicine options to help. And the medicine available has bad side effects.

Slow stomach emptying means your stomach is slow to move food through.

At Silver Fern®, we hear about slow stomach emptying issues a lot. Many people have this issue and don't know it.

We find that 90 days of taking the right doses of Gutgard®, artichoke leaf extract, and ginger root extract with a high percentage of gingerols may be very helpful for most people. Unfortunately, it isn't a one week answer. It isn't a maintenance dosing either. We have not found normal maintenance doses to do a lot. But in the right doses over the right period of time, this combo may work very well for many struggling with slow stomach emptying issues.

For this issue, we suggest 4 bottles of Upper GI Relief per month for 3 months. We suggest 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the evening with or without meals. If someone has really slow stomach emptying they may want to consider adding an extra bottle each month and taking 5 capsules morning and night. This takes about 90 days. This works very well.

If you buy 4 bottles of Upper GI Relief in a bundle together on subscribe and save (which is super easy to get off of with our company and is managed by you), it will save you 43% and drop the per bottle pricing to about $16 per bottle.

If you have reflux or gastritis issues along with this please ask for a different protocol. Ginger with a high percentage of gingerols on a stomach that has gastritis issues can be uncomfortable and feel like it is causing additional heartburn. Please ask for help with that specifically if you may have gastritis issues.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand, or visit for our protocols.

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