Try these tips for a better night's sleep - gut health, magnesium, Quiet Serenity

Sleep hygiene, its a real thing. Sleep hygiene refers to your daily behavioral and environmental habits that optimize sleep. Here are some of my personal favorite sleep hygiene habits:

1️⃣ DO NOT try to discuss anything of importance, fight, or argue 2 hrs. before bed. Put work away 2 hrs. before bed. If you are going to fight with a spouse or loved one do it earlier in the day or don't do it. Bed time starts hrs. before bed. Nothing intense around bed time. You should be calming down, not amping up.
2️⃣ Put the cell phone away at least an hour before bed, if not 2 hrs. before bed.
3️⃣ Do not take late afternoon naps.
4️⃣ Exercising early in the morning helps me a lot with sleep at night. Exercise is a key to my sleeping.
5️⃣ Supplements:
a. Magtein® (Magnesium L-Threonate)
*Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night (about an hour before bed)
b. Magnesium Glycinate
*I take 500 mg of Magnesium Glycinate at night with Magtein®.
c. Quiet Serenity - Takes about 8 weeks to really settle in and then it helps a lot with sleep. It contains both Sensoril (ashwagandha) and B. Longum 1714, which is a psychobiotic for sleep and stress).

Other ingredients like Saffron have been shown to also be helpful for sleep.

As someone that really struggles with sleep and anxiety at night, this has helped me a lot. But there's nothing like a good night's rest.

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