Our metabolism doesn't slow down as early as we thought - gut health, metabolism, weight training

Recent studies show the metabolism doesn't start to slow until after 60.🤯 So, middle age is no longer a good excuse for putting on weight. Then what's the deal with weight gain as we get older?

It appears that the metabolism is driven by maintaining lean muscle mass for people that are middle-age or post-menopausal women. The more lean muscle mass we have, the less weight we gain.

Granted, as we age we don't necessarily have the same health as we did early in life to go crazy on exercise programs. None the less, being active and actively pushing muscle growth is key to keeping the weight off as we age.

Another major factor is how stress affects hunger hormones. I'll speak to this in future posts.

From a company perspective, we are working hard to develop better products for stress, anxiety, and depression problems.

But speaking as someone in my late 40s that is under heavy stress, I have been able to change my metabolism by focusing on gut health and focusing on quick controlled lean muscle building exercises. I don't do long periods of cardio. I may do 20 minutes of cardio. But I find that lifting weights, changing up my routine weekly to cause muscle confusion, and moving quickly through my exercises (but slow and controlled movements) has helped me tremendously.

We don't have to become overweight as we age. There is still time to get in shape and stay in shape.

This post is not intended to body shame anyone. Many struggle with their weight over 40, it is purely to offer additional insight and help for those who are concerned or frustrated. Be kind.✌🏼

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