Can slow stomach emptying being the cause of silent reflux? - gut health, reflux, silent reflux, LPR

What causes silent reflux (LPR)?⁠
1) Hiatal Hernia ⁠
2) Increased Abdominal Pressure⁠

Skilled massage therapists and chiropractors may be able to help with a hiatal hernia using hiatal hernia techniques. Doctors may suggest surgery for it. The success rate for these surgeries depends on who you ask. ⁠

But what if the issue is due to increased abdominal pressure? ⁠

Did you know that when your stomach empties slowly it can cause reflux and silent reflux issues? When the stomach doesn't empty properly because of poor motility the pressure inside the stomach can exceed the LOS pressure causing reflux/silent reflux problems. ⁠

Any good motility protocol should help with more than constipation. A good motility protocol (though titled for constipation or motility problems) should help with slow motility of the stomach as well. There are natural herbs, when used correctly, that can help with the motility of the stomach. ⁠

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