The secret to reflux, soothing the stomach - gut health, reflux, heartburn, acid blockers

Believe it or not, reflux is not caused by too much stomach acid (for the vast majority of you, maybe some).

Here are a list of issues that can cause reflux and heartburn:
1) Slow gastric emptying (gastroparesis)
2) Inflammation of the mucous lining of the stomach (gastritis)
3) Indigestion / dyspepsia
4) H. pylori overgrowth
5) Low stomach acid
6) Weak esophageal sphincter (may be an autoimmune issue, too much stomach pressure/slow gastric emptying, too little magnesium, being overweight, smoking, alcohol, PPIs, high-fat foods, and meds.)

Does loading up acid blockers help the CAUSE of these issues? 🚫Nope!

But MucoSave® is a key to helping with them. 👍🏼

For years, we worked on correcting gut imbalances and improving motility as our way of helping with reflux issues. And then we found MucoSave®. When we added this into the plan it helped A LOT. A LOT.

MucoSave® alone has shown a 70% reduction in discomforts of the stomach.

Does this overcome a hiatal hernia? No. (Hiatal hernia is a structural issue, supplements can't address structural issues.) Can this still help soothe the discomforts of a hiatal hernia? Yes.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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