4 Keys to helping IBS - gut health, immunoglobulins

(1) Most probiotic-loaded and herb-centered products do not work for most people in getting rid of IBS issues. They may help for a short period for some, but issues linger. I'm not being critical here. Our top-performing product is Ultimate Probiotic. It's strains have great research for helping IBS issues, we still don't start people on it though. It is not the most effective option. Plus, it isn't going to be super effective with motility issues. For most of you, motility help is absolutely needed.

(2) Enzymes are a great short-term way to help with some of the discomforts associated with IBS. Many SIBO and IBS "immediate answer" products are loaded in enzymes. We understand enzymes well. We sell a great FODMAP enzyme (Bloat & Gas Relief). If you take 3 to 4 capsules of that right before a meal loaded in FODMAPs, you should still feel pretty good. However, enzymes are not the answer to the underlying causes of IBS problems.

(3) There are over 25 human research studies showing that the right high doses of immunoglobulins over 120 days can "significantly" help with IBS issues (as well as SIBO, leaky gut, etc. issues). But if you have slow motility issues and then load up on immunoglobulins you will likely compound your issues. They are NOT the ideal place to start for people with slow-motility IBS issues.

Our approach to navigating the complexity of IBS causes is simple. For most people (anyone with constipation, reflux, heartburn, etc.), we take a full top-down A to Z approach. We call this our Slow Motility+ protocol. It is a 3-step response to helping with causes of IBS issues. If you need this approach, send us a DM on Instagram with #SlowMotility+.

For those of you with diarrhea/loose stool IBS issues, DM us #Diarrhea. For everyone else who feels they have IBS issues (food intolerances, etc. but no slow motility or diarrhea issues), DM us #GeneralGutProtocol.

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