Causes of Indigestion - gut health, reflux, heartburn, gastritis

Impaired digestion hurts. ⁠

When your stomach lining, which is supposed to protect against its own acid, is worn down it becomes easily irritated and inflamed. Here is a flow of how the problems may be happening to you:⁠

Stress, gut imbalances, unhealthy meals/diet, slow gastric emptying, inflammation, and/or low stomach acid⁠
Weak stomach lining⁠
Large meal⁠
Further irritation to the stomach lining⁠
Major discomforts ⁠

Meaning, you have been beating your stomach lining up and then you do one more thing that takes it over the top, causing you pain and discomfort. ⁠

Given all of the causes of indigestion, here's what you can do to cover all the bases: ⁠
1) Soothe and calm down the stomach lining⁠
2) Build up the stomach lining again⁠
3) Decrease abdominal pressure⁠
4) Take down pathogen load in the stomach⁠
5) Decrease inflammatory processes⁠
6) Help with regular stomach acid production⁠

The first thing we find to best help with these issues is to introduce a nice, soothing coat of MucoSave®. MucoSave® alone helps a lot. If you are looking to help with your stomach and intestinal lining consider MucoSave®. ⁠

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