Why do you need stomach acid? Then why are you blocking it? - gut health, reflux, heartburn, acid blockers

✅Yes, you can block stomach acid.
✅Yes, this does work pretty fast for reflux and heartburn. Did it myself for a long time. It is super cheap.
✅Yes, you can use the "secret recipe" of baking soda and water. Also true. This is like an antacid (neutralizing acid). Not good for you long-term, but wow it is super cheap.

But what if you can put reflux/heartburn issues to rest correctly once and for all WITHOUT blocking acid? I mean, maybe you should keep stomach acid flowing for stuff like breaking down your foods and preventing infections. Just a thought.

For about everything other than a hiatal hernia, we have spent years working to come up with a plan to help with reflux and heartburn issues.

We take a top-down approach and we assume everything is a cause and problem.

If you want to address reflux and heartburn so you aren't popping acid blockers for the rest of your life, please consider allowing us to help you. It isn't fast. It will take 90 days or so. It isn't something where you just suddenly stop taking acid blockers. You will need to consider phasing off of acid blockers if that's what you choose to do. You will need to buy the full range of products. But it will help and it will get at the root causes of your issues.

This is the most correct process we have been able to come up with to help with as many aspects of underlying causes of reflux and heartburn as possible.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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