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Wouldn't it be nice if issues like gluten issues were super simple to fix? We would all love that.

The truth is that gluten can be a complex problem for a variety of reasons. Therefore, your gut health response to gluten has to be very complete.

Let's take gluten intolerance, for example. Yes, you can avoid gluten forever. That is an option. Not a great option, but an option. If you have gluten intolerance and want a complete approach to helping it, you really need to assume that pancreas issues, SIBO, and IBS could all be part of the problem. You have to assume all 3 of these issues are contributing to the problem and address them all so that you can be free of gluten intolerance.

Addressing these issues takes establishing motility w/o laxatives (when necessary), a thorough cleanup of the gut, helping gut barrier restoration, restoring normal healthy inflammatory responses to gluten (and fructan), and time. ⏳️

Why time? Many people don't realize that just because something is fixed doesn't mean it is fully functioning again. Your body isn't a car. Once the system is fixed, it still takes time for organs and processes to start working properly again. For example, have you ever had a joint surgically repaired? Once it was "fixed" how many months after that did it take for that body part (after therapy) for it to return to normal again? That depends on the severity of the issue and the problem, right? Some repairs are a 30-day back-to-normal situation. The last time I had my shoulders or knees operated on it took about 6-8 months. If your system has had problems for years how many months might it take for it to start working again even after it is fixed? At least a few.

I am not going to speak to celiac disease because that's a VERY sensitive topic. But we know gluten intolerance and fructan intolerance can be overcome. We know that. No question. But it isn't a quick fix. That's the reality. There is hope for those that want it and are willing to work for it.

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