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Supplements: Real or Garbage? How to get the best supplements for your money-probiotics, digestive enzymes, cleanse

The supplement world...it's vast. So many options. Some really great, some not worth a dime.⁠
Let me explain how to NOT buy crappy supplements by using antioxidant supplements as an example. (We do not sell an antioxidant product right now).⁠
How do you know if the product is 💩 or if something else is going on?⁠
FACT: A person needs to take the right ingredients to address the problems. The right source of antioxidants can do a lot. But it isn’t a good choice for improving gut health. I frequently get asked about why one of our products didn’t do this or that for someone. Usually my response is, “You are taking the wrong product to best address the issues you are having. Can I please help you do it right?”⁠
FACT: Not all supplement ingredients are the same. In the supplement world a company (many companies) looking to get the “bottle pop” and recognition for something like antioxidants will naturally put the cheapest antioxidant possible in the bottle. Most companies want high margins, and many customers want to check the box as inexpensively as possible: “Antioxidants ✔️”. Not all companies do this though because some companies want people to experience change and want to keep you as a long-term customer. These companies are concerned with putting the best source of ingredients with the clinical data behind them in their products.⁠
Fact: Correctly dosing the ingredient on the bottle to align with the supportive studies. Or have a clinically trained person that knows how the studies work to align the ingredients to accomplish the outcomes suggested in the studies. ⁠
Fact: Supplements take time to work. Most studies I have read have a window of between 4 to 12 weeks for the ingredient(s) to start working. If you say, “I took it for a week, and it didn’t do anything!” I might respond that maybe the issue is that you didn’t take it long enough to do its job.⁠
Note: Certain ingredients react differently in different people. ⁠
Shop carefully. Otherwise, you are wasting money.⁠

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