Gut Health Improvement will take time-Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Cleanse

Of course, the gut can be helped in a reasonable timeline. It all depends on what issues you have. But it's good to be aware that it can also take time. The condition of the gut is different for everyone.⁠
Will any product fix a severe gut issue in 30 days? Not any that I am aware of. Even medications that address symptoms usually take 4 weeks or more to really see the benefits. Addressing the underlying issue that’s broken can take time.⁠
We suggest certain lifestyle changes to help with the products. The secret to using supplements to help⁠
with the gut:⁠
1. Take the correct the supplements formulated to best help the problem. Enzymes don’t help with bacteria imbalances. Probiotics are a good product to help with slow digestion/motility, but it isn’t our best product for that problem. Upper GI Relief at a high dose is. If you have questions about gut health, what to take for what, and how to take it please message us.⁠
2. Take the supplements at the right time. For example, taking enzymes after stomach issues flare up is not effective. Probiotics work best with food, especially fiber (fruits, vegetables, and grains).⁠
3. Take the right dosing of each supplement to address the full scope of the problem. For example, taking the dosing on the bottle for our gluten product will help with trace amounts of gluten found in a gluten-free dish at a restaurant to help someone not get "glutened.” If a person with gluten intolerance wants to tackle gluten head on take 4 capsules of that same product at the beginning of the meal/snack.⁠
To learn more about lifestyle suggestions to help with gut health please look at the lifestyle suggestions on the Boost Kit page.

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