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Super sensitive stomach? ⁠

If you have taken our Reflux product and felt that it made your reflux and heartburn even worse, you may have an unhappy mucosa lining. Even the tiny amount of malic acid in Reflux can trigger people with a really mad stomach to feel even worse. We are currently waiting on a new flavor system with NO malic acid in it. Until then...⁠

When in doubt, go with an "ease into it" protocol for gut health needs. ⁠

As you may know, as a supplement company we are not allowed to help with conditions. Therefore, these suggestions are for "unhappy stomach issues." ⁠

NO MOTILITY ISSUES (slow gastric emptying and constipation problems):⁠
🔹Buy 3 bottles of Regularity (not Reflux). Regularity does not contain any acid and does contain 400 mg of MucoSave™ per serving. Please empty out 3 capsules of Regularity into a drink of your choice (between 4-12 oz), stir well, and consume. Do this for 60 days. After 60 days, you should be fine to either take a daily dose of Reflux or stay on 1 capsule of Regularity as well as start to help clean up the gut with the immunoglobulins (Cleanse). ⁠

MucoSave™ contains bitter herbs sourced from Italy. This is NOT a Crystal Light drink mix. ⁠

To see what your steps will look like following the first 60 days, please take our protocol quiz, under "Which Protocol is for You?" please click Diarrhea, and then start with step 1 of that protocol. ⁠⁠

If you have constipation issues with a mad stomach, then under "Which Protocol is for You?" please either click the Constipation or Reflux & Constipation buttons depending on if you only have constipation or if you have constipation & reflux/heartburn issues. ⁠

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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